Some Nitpicky Rules about Craps Etiquette

Craps is a hard game for newcomers to break into, learn craps at this website On top of the many complicated bets, odds, and potential results of each moment of the game, there are also several nitpicky rules about craps etiquette that few people bother to talk about. By understanding these etiquette rules, craps players can make sure they and everyone around them enjoy the game fully.

Dice Rules

Several of the craps etiquette rules determine how players can shoot and collect the dice. First of all, players can never reach across the table to collect the dice, even if it is their turn. The dealer must push the dice over to the shooter in order to indicate that all bets have been placed and the shooting can begin. When shooting, players must throw the dice forcefully enough to hit the back wall of the table but not forcefully enough to disrupt bets or ricochet off the table. Finally, when players lose, they pass the roll off to the left and learn also about basics of blackjack.

Placing Bets

Many of the other rules of etiquette dictate how and when bets can be placed. For instance, players can never place bets after the dice have been passed off to the shooter. Once the dice are in hand, the bets are over. Also, players should attempt to place their chips on the appropriate part of the table, but if they cannot reach it, they should never toss the chips. Players should pass the chips to the dealer or another player to be placed on the appropriate part of the table or play other games like the game of baccarat.

Failure to follow these rules can sometimes result in players getting banned from the table or even the casino, so it is important for those new to the game to review the proper rules of craps etiquette.