The Game of Baccarat

The game of baccarat is a famous game that has a short list of rules, learn casino games at site. Despite the short rule list, players should engage in baccarat if they enjoy games involving luck.

Baccarat Objective

The object of the game baccarat is to correctly guess whose cards will total up the closest to the number nine. Players do not bet on their hand, necessarily. Rather, they bet on who they think will get the closest total to nine. It is about predictions; it is not about building a hand with strategy before placing roulette bets.

Baccarat Card Values

In baccarat, only cards that have one number are counted. A 10 or any face card has a value of zero while an Ace is valued at one. This system makes it easier to tally up the numbers since the face cards do not have a value. Cards two through nine are valued as the number on their faces like playing the basics of blackjack.

Playing Baccarat

Players are dealt two cards apiece. A player can request a third card but must follow the third card rule. The third card rules states that if a player does not want the third card, the bank must draw a card should their card total be less than five. If the bank's hand total is more than six they are allowed to stand.

Other Baccarat Rules

If the bank's card total is less than three, they must draw a card regardless if the player opts not to take the third card. Cards that total less than four in the bank's hand results in the bank drawing a third card, but only if the player's card drawn is not an eight.

Baccarat is a card game that does not have a lot of rules, but the rules it does have are a bit complicated, try other games like craps rules or game. After playing baccarat for awhile, the rules will come naturally.